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A finance company for women by women.

Make your money work harder for you and live the life you want.



Money is Power and women need more of both.

Money gives you the power and freedom to make choices for yourself and those you care about.

The reality is that money talk is still a taboo subject and many women are extremely uncomfortable or often too embarrassed to talk about anything finance-related, even to their closest friends or family.

When faced with a life change, such as the loss of a partner, divorce, retrenchment, or illness many women have few support structures and often feel disempowered, alone and frightened.

When faced with making difficult financial decisions, this is when it is imperative to have a trusted relationship with a like-minded advisor that you can honestly talk to about your financial situation and how best to plan for the future.

Carrick Women is a community of like-minded women who are taking charge of their financial future by talking openly and freely about their relationship with money. We know that women think differently about money. So do our Private Wealth Managers. Our women-led team understands that building trust is what matters most if you want a relationship to thrive.

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How do you define "POWER"?

"Strong, independent, able to make our own decisions."

"Knowledge is power. With knowledge and power, it could enable us to make a positive difference to someone else."

"Independence and the ability to take control of your life. The knowledge on how each financial decision can affect the rest of your life."

"Independence is power and the ability to make great decisions with your money."


At Carrick Women we focus on providing women with the financial support, power and security needed to make informed decisions.

We understand that by expanding your knowledge, we hand the power over to you, so that you can reach your investment goals and have the confidence to make choices that fit your evolving life plan.

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Choose your life goal and the time you want to take to reach it.


We’ll crunch the numbers and tell you how much you need to put into each goal bucket.


We’ll work out the realistic % breakdown of you achieving this goal.


We’ll get you invested and once a quarter let you know if you are off track and how to get back on track to reaching that goal.


We’ll help you connect with other women who are also learning and inspiring others to achieve their life goals.

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We started Carrick Women because we know that women think differently about money.

We know that each of you has your own back story and a unique, often complicated relationship with money.

We know that you care about your reaching your life goals and that family is important to you.

We know that women have been socialised to help and care for others and that money decisions are often based on uplifting and supporting the lives of those you care most about.

We know that women believe in relationship building which is why research has shown that after the death of a partner, 70% of women switch over to a female financial advisor.

We know that women outlive men by on average five years and that far too many women, who have ceded all financial control to their husbands, are ill-equipped to take over the reins.

We know that you care about the world you live in and want your investments to make a difference and support a sustainable future.

We know that you worry about you’re the security of children’s future. Do you have enough for their education, for healthcare, for those unexpected bumps along the way?



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Private Wealth Manager

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